Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've been messing around with the layout and look of the blog. I liked the blue template's look, but it proved to be too hard to work with.

In order to add some of the Google visualizations (the tables holding the book lists), I needed to widen the content section of the blog. I spent about an hour messing around with the blue template, and discovered all of its widths are hard-coded, making it difficult to modify. Eventually, I gave up and found one that adapts to the size of the screen. In other words, a correctly coded one.

The spreadsheet is getting a little hard to work with now that it's over 100 rows. Plus, I don't think anyone else can sort it since they don't have access to modify it. So I've changed the Booklist link on the right to point to the blog point containing the table.

The front page is kinda slow to load right now, thanks to all the queries going out. This should get better once the last two posts leave the first page of the blog. If the tables don't load, try hitting reload (once, please. Don't DOS me!), and let me know.


zoltronr6 said...

You DO realize... When you make a statement like don't DOS me, and your 'friends' have written spiders..... well... I'll play nice.

Anonymous said...

I like the new template much better - easier on the eyes...


The Reader said...

Zoltron: please do. I could use the page hits.

Chris: thanks!