Thursday, September 18, 2008

818: Braaaaaaaaains!

Of course, zombies do not really say that, as Max Brooks explains in The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead. This is just one of the many Hollywood myths that he debunks in his tactical manual to surviving a zombie outbreak.

The book is a very handy size 8"x5" size, and weighs only 10.7 oz. It will fit nicely into a backpack, or a pocket on your scavenged army surplus fatigues. Inside, this text is packed with down-to-earth, battle-tested zombie fighting advice with some simple but effective illustrations.

This is a book about surviving the outbreak, plain and simple. Not fighting the outbreak, not controlling the zombies, but keeping yourself safe. All of his advice follows a simple plan: avoid attention, fight quietly and effectively, and get away fast.

Overall, this is a very good introduction to the dangers of a zombie-infested world, and belongs on the shelf of every survivalist. His section on underwater zombie eradication is fantastic, and contains information I have never seen published before.

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Anonymous said...

useful knowledge when the zombies come.